#97- USS Newport News CA-148 DVD Ship's History Kiosk & Captain's Kiosk
Bob Freeman

#97- USS Newport News CA-148 DVD Ship's History Kiosk & Captain's Kiosk

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In our Museum, we have two history kiosks for our visitors to view videos about the USS Newport News. This DVD has all those videos on it and is very educational for anyone wanting to know the history of the USS Newport News and get a better understanding on what she did.

Item # 97


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Below is a description of videos on this DVD Time
The Early Years History of the ship from its design period in the mid-1940's until the modifications made to it to become a Flag Ship in 1961. Includes newsreel footage and home movies of the ship's events during it's first 12 years of service.  8 Mins
Cuba Missile Crises Historical information on the USS Newport News involvement during the Cuban Missile Crises. Newsreel videos, Home Movies and excerpts from TV Specials (The History Channel) featuring the USS Newport News. 4 Mins
Vietnam Era TV News videos and home videos featuring the USS Newport News during her 3 Vietnam tours. . 11 Mins
The spirit lives on Decommission time period, the USS Newport News Association's involvement with the USS Salem Museum Association, and some videos of our reunion events. 3 Mins
Captains Time Line Shows all the Captains of the USS Newport News during her 26 years of service 2 Mins
Captain McCarty A great video on Captain McCarty. 3 Mins

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