USS Newport News Reunion Information


Important Information About Our Upcoming Reunion 

Reunion Dates: June 7, 8, 9, 2022
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel Cherry Hill NJ

Special Room Rate: $139 Per Night

For additional information go to our reunion web page

Note to new shipmates:
If this is your first reunion, you're in for a real treat... a chance to (legally) step back into uniform and man the rails of one of the first guided missile cruisers. Regulations permit honorably discharged veterans to wear uniforms when attending memorials and similar, and we do just that.

Because few of us fit into our old bell bottoms and white hats, we have adopted a simple uniform: white short-sleeved shirt, white pants, white web belt, Newport News (blue) ball cap (available in the ship's store) and rate/rank and medals as appropriate. Frankly, we look pretty sharp... bald heads, pot bellies, canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. It's a proud thing to step back into uniform, however briefly.

Uniform pants and shirts are readily available at surplus stores for a few dollars, or new ones available online. A few actually do fit into their old uniforms, and can still wear them proudly. So we tell you sincerely: If you don't man the rails in uniform, you will leave the reunion wishing you had.

You are part of our Band of Brothers... join us in uniform as we honor our fallen brothers together.